ITOCHU Chemicals America Inc. (ICAI) (formerly ITOCHU Specialty Chemicals, Inc.) is a leading distributor and marketer of inorganic, organic, functional and specialty chemicals as well as plastic and rubber.

With a focus on providing world-class service and unparalleled expertise, ICAI offers over 500 products that help to do everything that include: making water cleaner, automobile brakes safer, computer chips faster, automotive paints more durable, and everyday products more innovative.

As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, ICAI maintains its quality management control, full customer satisfaction, and continuous improvement in all aspects of quality assurance.

Aluminum Paste is aluminum flake pigment homogeneously incorporated in a solvent. Commonly known as Alpaste, these pigments are used in several industries worldwide. ICAI can supply multiple grades an...
ICAI launches new website for Seperation and Purification division
ICAI establishes Photovoltaic Task Force
ICAI Ranks #6 in Purchasing Magazine's "Top 100 Chemical Distributors for 2008"

Aluminum Paste
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